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In a dream I had many years ago, someone told me "Flowers don't care which way is up or down ... they just grow toward the light." These words didn't make much sense to me, then.

Twenty five years later, I was working as a graphic artist at NASA-Ames Research Center when my supervisor informed me that, for the first time in history, plant seeds that were part of a biology experiment on the Space Shuttle had germinated and formed blossoms, without gravity to orient their growth. The words he used to tell me this were the same as in my dream fragment!

This art piece is based on a photo I took of my daughter as a child, long before I had ever heard of biology experiments in space. She's in a field of mustard flowers, which are closely related to the species that made history on the Space Shuttle. When I learned about that experiment out in space, it occurred to me that Humanity is now in a transitional period of crumbling philosophical structures and beliefs which served as guidelines for us in the past. We are all like those seedlings growing in microgravity. We're all becoming Children of Light, as we learn to follow the light within ourselves, instead of external guidelines.


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